is the official employee portal of Home depot. By opening the livetheorangelife portal the employees of Home depot can access their employee discounts online. Since Home depot has  a vast majority of stores all over the country, there has been a necessity to maintain huge number of employees and this has been made possible with the initiation of portal.

For those who make the home depot work for the whole of the society, there are lot of benefits offered under It explains the financial benefits that employees of home depot get out of their employment.

How to access livetheorangelife portal?

  • Employees should log in with their username and password.
  • And inside your log in you will be able to manage a whole lot of things like your Group benefits provider, Group benefits at a glance, Healthy living, and financial wellness etcetera.
  • Not all benefits are allowed for everyone. To view the customized benefits available for employees, they need to log in with their user id and password.
  • If you have forgotten the password you can click on the forgot password option and follow the screen proceeds
  • If you are a new user, you have to click on the new user button and you should follow the screen proceeds

The online benefits resource center provides with a range of information like, health and dental
coverage, your total value, orange advantage, career planning tool, online claims submission, employee stock purchase plan, retirement savings program, information you need to know to make investment decisions, deferred profit sharing program, retirement savings contribution, new plan enrolment, plan contract number, member certificate number, benefits card, claims statement, sign up letter etcetera.

Livetheorangelife is all about rewarding the associates who enroll themselves in the livetheorangelife program. Every employee is busy and they give the best to their employment and this is why they aregiven the best benefits in return. The benefits are made available to full time, salaried and even parttime associates.

Group and Time Off Benefits
Interesting group benefits under this plan are the legal services plan, auto/homeowner insurance, and
veterinary insurance. There are time off benefits like vacation, holidays, personal sick days, leave or
absence including military leaves, jury duty, and bereavement days.

Work and life benefits
Work and life benefits like tuition bereavement, relocation assistance, team depot volunteer events,
matching gift program, adoption assistance, care/solutions for life, METDest- which is a special needs dependents assistance, associate discounts, tobacco cessation program, tax preparation discount
program, and back-up dependent care are notably good.

With your log in you will be able to enroll and make changes for the support for you and your family
with appropriate documents and details filled in accordingly and approved by the respective
departments. The benefits differs for associates in different areas and you need to know what applies
and what does not apply for you.

About Home depot:
The home depot provides for the needs of smart homes and the top selling categories offered by this
depot are garden center, patio furniture, outdoor power equipment, bathroom faucet, power tool
accessories, washers and dryers, rugs, ceiling fans and accessories, tiles, plumbing parts and repair.
Appliances are also available in special buys. The home depot also delivers. All you need to be saying is about when, where and how it should be delivered. Many new things keep trending in the store. All of these are being organized and executed well by the company because of the commitment of their employees.